What to look for when hiring a Wedding Photographer

December 13, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
Àrchway Kiss
The Biggest day of your lives  is looming on the horizon. You’ve booked the date, now it’s time to organise all those Wedding things.You know...the dress, the photographer.
A Wedding is a huge event.Not only is it the joining together of  a couple who  are madly in love,but it is also the joining together of 2 families.It doesn’t get much bigger or better than that!!
After the suits have gone back to the hire shop,and the Bride has stored her dress away,there is one thing that a couple will always look back on.....their Wedding Photographs.
Nowadays everybody and his I phone thinks themselves a photographer.If you want to look back on the biggest day of your lives and see Uncle Jim with half of his head chopped off, shots of your Wedding day that are so blurred you have difficulty making out who is who,then go ahead and hire that guy in the Classifieds offering a Full Day’s Photography for €200.
Wedding photography is one of the most difficult areas of photography.There is only one chance to photograph the   day, and often under adverse conditions such as low light.A Wedding Photographer does so much more than photograph...he has to organise family together for photographs...liase with the priest..be unseen and unobtrusive,and above all,he only gets one chance at everything.
The photographer  can’t interrupt the ceremony and say..”Excuse me..would you do that again..i missed my shot”.
Quite often at a Wedding something goes wrong...the weather for example.A  pro will know how to deal with these sorts of situations as they arise.
So...food for thought.When hiring a photographer,look around...make sure you get somebody that knows what they are doing...look at their style of photography,and make sure that you like it.And if the price seems a bit high....remember,there is a lot of work involved,both in preparation,and in the editing afterwards that you never see.
If you hire a cheap inexperienced  photographer,don’t expect memories to cherish...expect tears !!


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