My top 10 tips for Shooting a successful Wedding (Part 1of 2)

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Wedding Photography is no walk in the park.There is so much more to this particular type of photography than turning up on the day and hoping for the best.Here are my top ten tips on how to successfully shoot a Wedding.


1)A Contract

A contract is a must.At the very least,this gives a bit of clarity between the Photographer and the clients.It lets the clients know exactly what they are getting for their money,and it gives the photographer protection should anything go wrong

.I include some things in my contracts that make my life a bit easier.For example,I have a part in it that states that if I am working over a certain amount of hours that I am entitled to a bit of Grub 

A model release can also be incorporated in to the contract.

I always ask the couple to read through the contract,and,if they are not happy with anything,I amend it until a happy compromise is reached.



Insurance is also very important.Don't skimp on it.Some places nowadays ask if you have Public Liability.This covers you for any injuries sustained while in a public place.Professional Indemnity Insurance is another one..this brings cover for any claims that may be made against you for any negligence on your part.

There is also Camera Insurance.I have,on a couple of occasions had damage to equipment while shooting a Wedding.Replacing it can be very expensive !!!!

There are Insurance Companies that will combine all 3 together in one package.



Well, I've just mentioned Camera Insurance.But what happens if your camera fails on you during the Wedding?If you only have one camera,you are a bit up the creek.

 "Excuse me...would you mind doing that again...?" not going to work at a Wedding.

Always have spares of everything!!!You just do not know what is going to happen.I always have 2 camera bodies on me..especially during the important bits.

Also bring much more in the way of what you need in the way of memory cards...anything can happen at a Wedding.Change cards regularily..that way if one gets corrupted...the minimum of damage is done.

A lot of pro cameras have the ability to shoot using 2 being a back up...if you have this feature..use it.It may save your life.



Preparation is absolutely vital to a successful day's Wedding Photography.Meet the Bride and Groom well before the Wedding and get an idea of what their expectations and ideas are.Visit the venues.I tend to visit the church and the Reception venue at least a week before the Wedding....and if I can,I try to time it around the time of day that the actual Wedding will be taking place.I also meet with both the celebrant and the Hotel's Wedding coordinator beforehand to get a cleare picture of what I will be doing on the day.

Plan your shots.That way,when the Wedding Day comes you will know what you are doing and will be able to pay more attention to the Bride and Groom.

Always have a plan B.If there is adverse weather and you had planned a lovely outdoor shot,have a good,well prepared back up plan...I can't tell you how often this can happen,especially in Sunny Old Ireland!!.


5)Second Shooter

Wherever possible have a second photographer.It is impossible to cover every aspect of a couple's Wedding day on your own.(unless of course you can bi locate.)

A second photographer will take the pressure off.You will have a back up for the important moments...back up equipment if yours can concentrate on getting more natural shots of the Wedding party..and a second shooter can also help with getting people together for all the group shots. are the first five....five more to come....Watch this space.....and,If you like these tips or find them useful,please do share them!

Ciao for now.


Paul K



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