Ger & Fionnuala's Wedding took place in Durrow,near Tullamore ,county Offaly,with the reception at the Tullamore Court Hotel.
I had know Ger for over a decade,and it eas a real honour to be a part of his Wedding day.It's all the more poignant ,when you have been on some of the journey with the couple.
Being Tullamore born and bred,there was no question of the Wedding being at any other location.
In the evening,the couple had a "Singing Chef" to liven things up a little.One minute ,the waiting staff were busy serving...the next minute the manager made an announcement about his chef leaving after many years of service,and the Chef and Waiting staff just suddenly burst in to Operatic song.
An experience!
This was a particulatily memorable Wedding,and brings home how important it is is to have some record of the day.
Several days after the Wedding,the Father of the Bride passed away.The consolation being that at least he made it to the Wedding,and that there was a lovely record of his presence at his only daughter's Wedding.